Destille Kupfer erhöhte Reinigung

The elite distiller is made by hand by Portuguese craftsmen especially for you.
This model is completely made of high-quality copper, which will allow you to get such drinks as - whiskey, cognac, calvados and chacha. You can prepare alcohol according to the original technology, which is used by world producers of elite drinks.
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The 99% -refraction lense consists of copper - it is a reflux condenser that increases the strength of the distillate by returning to a refluxing vessel formed as a result of cooling of alcohol vapors. The lens is easy to use and easy to install on the device.
 It effectively adsorbs sulfur, preventing it from getting into the finished product. Distillate will retain a pleasant aroma and taste of the raw materials.
With an amber, the lens is connected by thread and nut, so it will fit any device
Copper sieve for alambiсa is a flat coarse sieve that serves to facilitate distillation and prevent burning or caramelization of the wort.

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