Portugiesisch Destille kupfer Alambic

Elite-Brennerei, handgefertigt von portugiesischen Meistern.

Elite distiller made by hand Portuguese masters.




Portugiesisch Destille kupfer Alambic .

Elite distiller made by hand Portuguese masters especially for you

A classic alembic is designed for producing fruit and grain distillates in home settings. Only an alembic can deliver a high-quality product with aromatic notes from the original raw materials. Even sugar alcohol will have a more refined taste and aroma. It is entirely crafted from high-quality copper (99%) in Portugal, representing genuine European quality. The copper thickness is 0.9 mm.

The alembic comprises three primary components: the cube, the dome, and the classic condenser known as the worm. Thanks to copper, it effectively neutralizes the sulfurous taste and unpleasant odor in the distillate. The condenser features two tubes for supplying cold water and draining warm water.

With a flat bottom, this product can be heated on a gas or electric stove. The alembic is composed of four parts: the distillation cube, a well-formed helmet, a perfectly curved alcohol pipe, and a radiator with an integrated cooling spiral and connections for circulating cooling water.

This remarkable item captivates with its beauty. The end product includes a variety of alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, calvados, cognac, moonshine, rum, brandy, vodka, grappa, pears, gin, chacha, armagnac, mulberry brandy, absinthe, and homemade moonshine. This Portuguese alembic makes an excellent gift for both men and women.

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