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Von Hand gefertigter Elitebrenner Destille Kupfer

Hochwertiger handgefertigter Brenner. Heimdestillation Destille Kupfer

Hochwertiger handgefertigter Brenner. Heimdestillation Destille Kupfer

An elite distiller crafted by Portuguese artisans with years of experience in professional distillation. It allows for the production of a wide range of alcoholic beverages, from French cognac to American whiskey. The alembic is particularly ideal for whiskey production, as grain mash contains the highest concentration of sulfur compounds that impart unpleasant taste and aroma to your beverage. The copper apparatus absorbs these compounds on its surface, preventing them from entering the drink.

An ideal distiller for hobbyists and home use, this apparatus, with its compact size and flat bottom, can be conveniently used even on a home stove. The alembic consists of four parts: the distillation cube, a well-formed helmet, a perfectly curved spirit tube, and a radiator with an integrated cooling spiral and connections for circulating cooling water.

The purity of the copper used is a fundamental factor in obtaining premium alcohol with the alembic. This metal is resistant to the influence of fruit acids, ensuring that the taste and aromatic components of the raw material remain unchanged. The alembic will serve you for a long time, and its wonderful thermal conductivity allows you to precisely adjust the temperature regime.

The quality of the resulting product is a key consideration for those following the original production techniques of various beverages such as cognac, whiskey, and grappa. Copper absorbs sulfur and preserves the aroma and taste of the raw material used for the mash. This is why the product is so flavorful, and its aroma is difficult to compare with ordinary distillate obtained from a stainless steel apparatus.

Final product: alcoholic beverages, whiskey, calvados, cognac, moonshine, rum, mash, brandy, vodka, grappa, first-run, gin, chacha, armagnac, mulberry brandy, absinthe, wine, homemade moonshine.