Destille Kupfer Kolonnenbrennerei 3L


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Alumbic with a column is easy to operate. With him will cope both a professional and a novice moonshiner - the device is quite simple to operate, besides, when buying, you will certainly receive detailed instructions.

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Destille Kupfer Kolonnenbrennerei 3L

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It is a Portuguese Alambic, modified by a special column. Inside it is hollow, a sieve is built into its bottom. In this part of the device plant materials (flowers, herbs, berries) are laid. If water is distilled in this way, passing through it, the steam captures their particles with them. The result is a hydrolyte saturated with essential oils. On its basis, it is possible to make natural cosmetics, it is also suitable for use as a massage oil, for aromatherapy, etc.
In addition, instead of plant material in the column, you can put a small amount of oak chips. If this is done, the ready-made alcohol product will absorb some of the tannins contained in them and acquire a taste similar to drinks aged in a wooden barrel.

If you remove the column, you will have a normal Alambic in front of you to get a quality moonshine.
In other respects, the alembic with the column in its structure is identical to the classics of the classics. Its design also includes a distillation cube, a helmet in which the vapors are collected and then move along the special tube to the cooler. This part of the Portuguese apparatus is a cylindrical copper vessel, inside which is a coil.

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