Destille Kupfer Kolonnenbrennerei 20L


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Alumbic with a column is easy to operate. With him will cope both a professional and a novice moonshiner - the device is quite simple to operate, besides, when buying, you will certainly receive detailed instructions.

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Height820mm × 740mm × 390mm

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A distillation column with a column is a type of distillation apparatus characterized by its ability to produce a higher-quality and more purified product, whether it be high-proof beverages or essential oils. This distillation column was handmade by Portuguese masters using ancient technology passed down from generation to generation.

Thanks to this masterpiece, you can obtain a pure product, as the distillation column is made of 99% copper. For convenience, the cooler is equipped with three connectors: for water supply, water drainage, and collecting the finished product.

The steam vent pipe, known as the "swan neck," has an additional extension and reliable threaded connections. You can easily use the distillation column with or without the column. On the helmet of the apparatus, you can install a rectification lens that increases the degree of purification and the strength of the final product. The thermometer included in the set helps determine the steam temperature and monitor heating during distillation.

Herbs, spices, fruits, or berries can be added to the column to enrich your product with pleasant nuances. The distillation column can also be used as a classic apparatus by removing the column and one connecting tube.

The distillation column has a removable column, allowing you to obtain not only aromatic alcohol but also essential oils, hydrosols, and ingredients for cosmetics. The column is also entirely made of high-quality copper.

The distillation column is easy to use and is suitable for both professionals and enthusiasts. With this model of the distillation column, you can not only distill mash or wine but also use it to obtain essential oils, hydrosols, and floral waters. The cube of the distillation column is filled with water, and the column with raw materials. The steam passes through the organics of the plants, carrying molecules of essential oils. At the output, you get fragrant water and valuable oil.

Only copper provides excellent organoleptic and taste qualities, making it ideal for producing grain distillates. All devices are exclusively manufactured in Portugal for centuries - this is a centuries-old history and craftsmanship.

All connections of the distillation cube are made by professional soldering.

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