Wasserbad Destille Kupfer Hydro 10L

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Using alambic on a water bath, it is possible to carry out distillation of any vegetable material containing fruits, berries, corn, potatoes, corn and other plant components.

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This model is completely made of high-quality copper, which will allow you to get such drinks as - whiskey, cognac, calvados and chacha. Thanks to a water bath the device is suitable for distilling all types of brags, especially thick and viscous, unfiltered and fruit. Wort heating occurs evenly and sparingly, so it will not burn. The distillation cube is equipped with a hydraulic seal to provide additional sealing of the connection between the dome and the boiler.
If the liquid is distilled in a conventional brewing machine, then there is a risk of its sticking to the walls of the cube. Of course, you can perform a preliminary filtration of the liquid, but you can lose a large amount of the final product. Alambic on a water bath allows to carry out unhindered distillation of a thick raw material, since both the container and the liquid in it are heated evenly using a gentle regimen.

When distilled using a water bath, you can be sure that your braga will never burn again! The water bath acts as a buffer between the heating element and the cube, so the cube will be delivered through the water to the optimum temperature. Distillation, in this case, passes slowly and reliably, which is what is needed to obtain high-quality and aromatic alcohol.
The rectifying lens for 15-40 liters is a reflux condenser that increases the distillate's strength by returning a reflux to the boiler, which is formed as a result of cooling of alcohol vapors. The lens is easy to use and easy to install on the device.

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